Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Where's the Rock?

This morning I'm in Los Osos, CA. Our high school missions team is doing well as we minister to families, kids, and our church plant here. We spent the morning praying in the "Elfin Forest" for the surrounding communities of Morro Bay, Los Osos, and San Luis Obispo. Our traditional means of going door to door and delievering about 700 flier invites have been met with mixed results. We contiue to pray that God would bring unchurched families that could connect through the Kids Extravaganza we are presenting. The team is also doing some good old fashioned weed pulling as we convert a weed feild into a sport's play area. All the soil here is like sand. It's wierd. We will finish the volleyball court today and maybe plant a tree that will leave a permanent mark of not only us being here but what God is doing in the lives of our team members. Yesterday while doing said weed pulling one of the guys got something in his eye and even after much rinsing and washing it was red red red. He was starting to have trouble seeing, was having tremendous pain, and wasn't sure he'd be able to play drums, play his part in the skit, or wear his puppet mask. We prayed and by "showtime" he was healed. If you are the praying type... please pray with me that our time here would be effective, and that we would be a blessing, pray that some of those unchurched kids might come hang out with us.

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