Thursday, August 9, 2007

Topherspoon is Home... Sorta

All the Spoons are back! We will all be sleeping in the spoon house tonight...This is the first time in two weeks. I am very happy about this. Ending one overly busy week of ministry and stepping right into the next with only this evening to try to breathe and rest, puts me in a place that is far from peace. I long for Simplicity, Rest, and Calm.

Things are changing. Maybe just in my head, but things are changing. I still do the things I wish I didn't do but more and more they make me sick in a self loathing tie your stomach in knots sort of way. I am no longer content for someday. Like the wells fargo commercials, I'm ready for today to be that someday. Baby Steps, Monster Steps, I just hope they are the right steps. May God's grace allow me to be moving in His direction.

Like everybody I guess...I just want it to feel like home.

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