Thursday, August 2, 2007


Pastor Dan at South Bay Christian Fellowship asked our team to take the whole service Sunday Morning before we start our Kids Extravaganza. Very flattering but probably more than our team is ready to handle. The students are going to do a skit, and Topherspoon will be running his smack. We will sit back and enjoy their community for the rest of worship.

The cool thing about being a guest is you can reuse old material. I'm praying about the possibilities of using the "Blvd of Broken Dreams" sermon, re-packaging the "Less is More" sermon, or finishing a "Disciples of Jesus are Big Tippers" sermon I've started based on Matthew Chapter 10 and 11.

I'm also praying our T-Shirts arrive tomorrow. I just ordered them last week. They shipped Tuesday and I'm trusting USPS will drop them off tomorrow. I am continually amazed at how small the world is becoming. My boy Jason from TeamScreen is my very best T-Shirt printer even though he's based on the opposite coast. Amazing.

Pray for an awesome week of ministry. I will try to update TTSM if I can.

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