Monday, April 2, 2007

"Voting Divides"

Feel like you're looking at a bunch of word snapshots? Just a few more. In our small group Sunday night we were discussing what "may your kingdom come" might look like. My friend Paul brings up something we teach in our 101 class, voting divides. He expresses his joy that our church votes on so little, mentions his hurts from being in churches that vote on so much, comments on how the Kingdom is not a democracy, and then takes it to the next step that I don't always hear from folks in our church... "just look at our country".

We have to be citizens of Heaven first, Americans second and Republicrats last.
Even if you think Obama is the antichrist... we have to work together.

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prodigal pastor notes said...

You don't hear this too often from members of the church? Now that surprized me...Thanks for including my name in your blog again, as well as the kind comments.

Love Ya Pastor C,

Pastor Paul