Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"We are Idolaters"

So I once again got roped into the Easter drama production. At Sunday's rehersal we were talking about "messianic Jews" and someone refered to them as "completed Jews". I made some comment about this being a real divisive term. It might make regular ol Jews feel incomplete, much like refering to people in my own circles as "full gospel" makes others feel like they only got part of the gospel, like they may not really be saved...

I was then told, by the director, if they didn't accept Jesus as messiah they were worshiping a false Jesus and they we're idolaters. (which I actually agree with it, but I get a little uncomfortable with the us and them stuff). I got real bold and said "Yeah, but alot of what's happening in evangelical churches is people worshiping an inaccurate picture of Jesus", We're idolaters too!

Oh how I don't want to be. Will there be Idolaters in heaven? Only by the grace of God. Will any of us make it? Only by the grace of God.

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