Saturday, April 14, 2007

Today...The Journey

Showed up late
not as late as the other guy
by myself
got lots done
not nearly enough
shared bitter sentiments
helped the wife
at least tried to
made an ass of myself
quarter pound hot dog
two slices of cheese
spicy hot mustard
not on my program
hugs from the girls
best part of my day
loaded videos
created stuff
loaded stuff on the computer
went to hell
bought smiley face beach balls
plastic throwing discs
and cheap throw away pens
magnetic strip worn out
extra trip to get green backs
made aware of making an ass of myself
not this morning
earlier in the week
left hell with balls, pens, and discs
patched things up with a friend
had another friend really come through
missed dinner
with my family
God's plan
once again different
wondering why?
and if...
and at what cost?
and for how long?
not too bad
no kiss, no good night
no sense of completion
talked with a banker
glimmers of hope
unwinding with a mouse
ready to rest

Today wasn't bad
Tomorrow will be better.

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