Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So glad my brother is in SoCal..

How two people can grow up in the same house, born from the same gene pool, attending the same churches, schools, and family events and end up so totally different, is always amazing to me. This is the case with my brother and I. Sure we have a lot in common, even after spending years in separate states, cultures, and environments. Remarkably similar handwriting, a mutual love for bacon, and shared discovery of "quite possibly the finest low calorie beverage ever", Diet Barqs Root Beer; are just a few things we've both developed separately in more recent years. Despite these irregular commonalities, my brother and I are completely different individuals. I have this special ability to tell people how to see things my way, allow them to think they're getting their way, and have them thank me afterwards. I have a high tolerance for stupid people, and can plan an overnight event in my sleep. These qualities do not describe my brother. He got gifts like; most likely to be valedictorian, ability to pick up and play any instrument, perfect pitch, and a real passion for complex mathematical equations. While I enjoyed some success in sports like soccer and volleyball, he royally kicks my butt at bowling, and that card game Sets. He is a sudoku wizard. I won't even touch the 89 cent pad from the drugstore. That's why this picture represents one of the greatest moments of my life (ok, well at least why yesterday was a good day).

So for everyone who's not familiar with Crickett... The score on the right is mine. Notice I am up by 49 at the end of the game! SWEET! Only beat the bro twice at darts, makes me feel like a competitor. Even better... kind of like the first few times I beat my dad at chess. Like a rite of passage has occurred. I don't want to rub it in his face though, because no matter how hard I practice, I will probably never ever achieve this...

For those of you who have not yet been bitten by the obsession that is Guitar Hero, There are five things to note on the above screen shot. "850 note streak", "100%", "*****", "EXPERT level"and the word "PERFECT". These things together mean my brother, TSPOONODANK is the sickest guitar hero I know. Bro, YOU ROCK! I had a blast getting nearly 400,000 points in co-operative mode (yeah I played the bass line...on medium... while TSPOON tore up the lead on expert).
I am so thankful for this season of having my brother live just a couple short hops down and through a few clover leafs on the freeway. This is my tribute to T-Spoon. I love him. I'm proud of him. I'm praying for him as he tries to answer the infamous "now what" question. And I'm dreaming of home made t-shirts.

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