Saturday, February 17, 2007

She is Beautiful...

No posts lately... It's not because the process has gotten old already and its not because I'm lacking in ideas or material. I have been way too busy! This week was insane! Worse than last week. The weekend included a wonderful couples retreat, which was very nice when my wife and I weren't wrestling with leading others in worship or trying to make a computer do what it for whatever reason did not want to. I know... I know... I need a mac. Sunday was a good day at church followed by a late night drive to Los Osos. Monday included a relaxing lunch with the inlaws and coming back to the IE. We arrived in the heart of the San Fernando Valley at 4:44 when traffic stopped. We finally arrived home around 8:30 after having Bj's Pizza in Ontario. Tuesday was Staff Meeting, Bible Study, and Free Baby Sitting ( an event we offer and lead with students). Wednesday was whack. Thursday got better and Friday was ok. Dodgeball for Missions was GREAT!

All this to say, it's been one of those weeks when more than once I've thought, "I should really just go get a "real" job." Here it is Saturday and I was testing some missions videos for Sunday. I was watching the 12 min documentary of a house being transformed into a church building, and then 3.5 min on a missionary plane that transports workers around South America. I started crying, more than once, and then again. When she's working like she'd supposed to, the church really is a beautiful thing. I saw all these cars in front of that house... and thought of all the families being ministered to inside. I viewed the faces of these Brazilian kids, playing soccer, getting medical treatment, and hearing about Jesus. I knew that the plane that I put fuel in, made that possible. I thought of the different lives I spoke to this week, worked with, and threw dodgeballs at. I love my job. I love the church. I love Jesus!

God, may you grant me balance in all this craziness. Thank you for your body, the church. Thank you for the redemtive work you are doing in her and through her. And may we have the joy of seeing Your Kingdom come.


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Werner said...

So I am still up at 12:22 AM... ugg... was thinking,
I miss topher...

Then I remembered your blog... This is the first time i have been here since the last time i was here... Let me tell you, I am so happy to call you friend.

I like coming here, it really feels like a piece of you.

I had no idea you lost so much weight dude! Here I am gaining weight lol

Glad you are interested in staying alive. It makes a difference... duh