Wednesday, February 28, 2007

7 in 1... Go

No posts for over a week. Again, not because my head is not swirling with thoughts, dreams, and frustrations, just a lack of time. Let's try the 7 in 1 once again.

1. For two months now, I've made posts, and none of them really address these "things that shouldn't matter". For that I'm sorry. The other thing I have not addressed, is the one who really does matter most in my life... after Jesus of course. For that, I am also sorry and I just wanted to take a moment and share with the world (all six of you reading this) that I LOVE MY WIFE! I thank God for her everyday. She truely is God's perfect gift for me. I am her adoring husband till death due us part! She gets me through each day and I'm happy to have her walking alongside me in the journey.
Why is it that because my name has the word Pastor in front of it, she gets treated different? People do things to her (put her on the spot, publically critize her, and carry unreal expectations) that would be seen as terribly rude if done to anyone else. Yet, they don't seem to think twice about doing them to my wife. God has given my wife thick skin and broad shoulders and she has an amazing ability to walk through these moments with tact and grace, but it really frustrates me! Any thoughts? Helpful suggestions?

2. Ups and downs of weight loss. Tuesday was the first day that I was able to use the scale within it's normal mechanical limits. It read under 0! This is fantastic because that 0 represents 3 0 0 and this has been a mini plauteau for me. Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me in this and made my accomplishments seem monumental. Yesterday I had a meeting with my Metlife guy, and asked him what the magic weight number was to get affordable term life insurance through a non group policy for a non smoker with the height of 5'10. He's going to get back to me but he's pretty sure its 190lb. Quite the humbling experience. Perhaps by 2010 I'll fit into their tidy little boxes and graphs!

3. The Mystery of "contextulization"... it's missions month at my church. Which means terms like "contextulization", "UPG", "pledge", and "light" have been a little bit over used lately. In hearing our missionaries (the vocational ones, our church suppourts). I have been overwhelmed by the fact that we should all be doing "contextual" work and also the need to recognize that we are first citizens of "His Kingdom" and being Americans should come second. See #7.

4. Reading Peter Rollins for book club... This book is kicking my butt in a good way. This is the first book since Bible College that I've read with a highlighter and pen in hand. In the emergent conversations I've always thought of myself as a "park" kind of guy. (A metaphor I borrowed from Len Sweet, which describes those who fold fast to "old" theology and message, while embracing new methods and mediums for practicing them). I become very uncomfortable with terms like "a/theology", however, Rollins book is wonderful. Makes my head hurt... in a wonderful way. The second half is more practical, but not any easier; some fairly radical ideas on loving and serving others. It makes me wish they didn't seem so "radical" to me. See #7

5. I now live in Rancho Belago. I'm not sure I've spelled that correctly, but apparently the Moreno Valley City Council has renamed the entire 92555 as a way to improve our city's image. Maybe they could find a way to prevent people from shooting each other? You folks in "Orangecrest" got nothing on me, baby!

6. Today my baby climbed stairs! She will be one next month, and I'm so happy to be her Dad!

7. Here's the big one... #7. I often find myself in this tension of being or doing, being or doing. Honestly I'm usually about doing, doing, doing. In fact, sadly enough, taking time to process and record these thoughts here is one of the few ways I find myself "being". Recently I've been wrestling with a new verb. GO!
I want to be going. Going new places with my wife. Going closer to 190lbs. Going to those who need Jesus. Going outside my comfort zone. Going to healthy safe communities. Going to new heights! Going! Going! Going!
May I enjoy the "going" even more, beacuse I've taken time to yeild, and to rest.

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