Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More than Missions Minded

Recently, through the acts29 network, and also through a good friend of mine, I've stumbled upon the writings of a reformed, church planter, who seems to be contributing a valuable perspective into this "emerging" conversation we find ourselves in. His name is TIM (to those who went looking for John, I apologize) Keller. In his article "The Missional Church", he identifies five key elements found in a missional church. I thought they were worth displaying here...

1. Discourse the Vernacular.

2. Enter and Retell the culture's stories, with the Gospel.

3. Theologically train lay people for public life and vocation.

4. Create Christian Community which is counter-cultural and counter-intuitive.

5. Practice Christian Unity as much as possible on the local level.

Any thoughts?

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JDF said...

Nice, glad you found him. Only it is "Tim Keller" and not John Keller. That should be an easy one for you to remember.

Cheers! (Can I say that?)