Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ready for a New Season...

I am ready for somethings to change. Wearing the constant hats of Dad, Husband, and Pastor while trying to work two jobs and care for my kids is insane! I've never been afraid of hard work. In a weird way I've often sought after it, being drawn to the challenges. But despite my best efforts it just seems like the wheels are spinning with out producing forward motion.

More and more, autumn is becoming my favorite season. In a desert where our seasons are nice, nice, nice, and extremely hot!... autumn is the first relief from extremely hot. I am looking forward to this autumn as a season of change once again. Leah will be finishing school. I don't think either of us knew what a huge impact this would have on the rest of our lives. We are both older and adding one more thing has had a much bigger effect than it used to. Regardless, Leah has learned a lot, including recession resistant marketable skills. Come the fall she should have more flexibility with her schedule, a means of income, and greater capacity to run our house the way she'd like to.

We are going to be be placed as a CARES team with apartment life christian ministries. We are already approved and just waiting for the where question to be answered. We will serve like chaplains / activity directors for an apartment complex, and receive severely discounted rent in exchange. Moving into an apartment seems backwards, but I am convinced the American dream of owning a home and a dog is overrated. I am also really looking forward to this opportunity to reach the un churched and demonstrate the love of Jesus in an apartment community. The reduction in rent may allow me to cut back on my other work hours and/or allow us to get ahead a little bit on the debt and bills front. The time I spend as a CARES team will overlap some with what I do for the church, and those two roles should really compliment each other. I also recieved a call from the area director this week to talk about a certain apartment the same neighborhood we live in right now. If this works out, it would mean very little adjustment for our kids as far as friends and school and also for our daily commutes.

Olivia is going to start kindergarden. Both her and Isaac will be in school. We just need to come up with a plan for Abi and I will have a real plan to get sleep. I have found watching three kids and sleeping is impossible. Inevitably one will not happen. All this to say... I am hopeful for what's a head.

Right now we are all okay. I am thankful for the various ways God has provided for us, and I don't want to miss all the oppurtunities that exist here and now. I'm just wondering how long this will last.


Elizabeth said...

You both are doing a great job. I know you have a lot on your plates and it's not very fun, but I'm sure it will really, really, really pay off in the long run.

Anonymous said...

The apartment ministry sounds like a great opportunity to put your skills to work for Jesus. Will be praying that the door opens for you.

Paul and Shelly