Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I understand...

...why people steal from Microsoft, Wal Mart, and their cable provider. I'm not condoning... I'm just saying. Generally I lean towards the information should be free bunch, however, I understand the idea of liscenses and proprietary information.

When our sending church bought us a computer for our new church plant they paid aprox. $200 to have Office Pro 2007 installed on the machine. They also paid for a service contract through 2011. Recently the hard drive on this machine crashed. I have no idea were those important discs that came with the machine ended up at and I have spent the last three hours of my life being transfered back and forth between Dell and Microsoft with each saying the other one has the ability to get me up and going again with out buying a new liscense. I am convinced that is not so...(which really bothers me as far as integrity and customer service are concerned).

So dell would be happy to sell me a new copy for $900! I laughed and said, "Why don't you sell me two new machines?" I finally hung up. This whole process has left me really unhappy with Dell, Fed Ex and Microsoft. I didn't like 2007 that much anyway. I found a copy of 2003 I'll be able to use. I'm certain I'll eveuntally find the discs that came with my machine. There'sjust a principle here I really disagree with. I am defeated and dissapointed. I am a goggle docs guy for life. OpenOffice... a new biggest fan.

It would cost Dell nothing to help me download a new copy and give me a new product key. It would cost Microsoft nothing to help me download a new copy and give me a new product key. I already paid for the liscense and they both know it! This is what makes me want to drive off a cliff... and lump both companies in with Wal-Mart and the cable companies. Makes me want to be Robin Hood.

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Anonymous said...

it costs way more to do the "right thing," not just money, but time... but if you already bought a license, you should be justified on that install. As for me and my house, the information will remain free.