Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finishing Well.

This season finally seems to be coming to a close. Next week I will be the guest speaker at the summer camp I spent about twelve years of my life attending. It seems like a marker, and hopefully it is the bookend to what has been a very difficult season. Something big needs to change and I am ready. Both of my part time jobs have been giving hours like they were full time. It's nice for the checkbook but difficult for the schedule. Once I get through camp we will shift to kids going back to school and focusing on Leah finishing school.

I continue to shine and grow professionally at UPS and the Hampton Inn but I feel like real potential maybe limited at both of these places. IF there were some upper management changes at UPS I would be excited to stay, endure another peak, and see how raises pan out in the spring. IF a full-time driving opportunity became available at the hotel, I think I would jump all over it. Generally speaking I think ,most people who don't work at UPS think working at UPS is a better job than it is. I also think people would be surprised to know what a van driver makes after tips and gifts. If none of these things pan out... back to daily checking and career builder. I think eventually I could get in at UOP or a similar school working in enrollment.

Sometimes I wish there was more wealth in church planting, but for now I am helpful that soon I might have ONE non ministry job that would allow some sustainability in our home.

Leah will finish school and get a job. Then we will join the rest of the country as a two income house doing our best to raise our kids well.

CARES is still green lights. We know yes, just not where or when... except for close and soon.

I'm realizing this post is alot like the last...just trying to keep our loved ones in the loop. We are keeping on. We are survivng... not yet thriving but at least survivng.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we are hopeful for these next steps.

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