Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still Looking...

The journey of dissapoinment and rejection continues. Evidently there are others more qualified than me to drive a van and set up tables. Who knew? Today I had a phone interview with a nice lady from GCU about being an Enrollment Counselor. It was my first phone interview, so I'm not sure how I did. She asked lots of questions like "Tell me about an experience where you met a goal by exceeding what was expected..." and "Tell me about an experience where you benefited from using active listening skills." Now that I think about it, she didn't really ask too many questions, just lots of "Tell me about". Sounds like a pretty lengthy process... the next hiring will be in Febuary. For those of you who pray, please include me in those thoughts. I need something additional right away. I think it just might be a good fit. The job comes with benefits and the chance to go back to school for free. I would love to get some more letters after my name. For now, the hunt continues!

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