Thursday, December 18, 2008

Expect the Unexpected

I am a lover of irony and the above statement is a key part of the UPS Safe Work Methods training. It makes me laugh each time I have to review it with someone. Once you expect something... it is no longer unexpected. I think it's part of a conspiracy to blame all injuries on the employee.

This week has been full of things I didn't expect.

I got a new tire.

I was late to work two days too.

I now have a local, affordable, available, baby sitter.

You see, tuesday morning I was on my way to work when I hit something in the road. Causing me to get a flat, and subsequently spend $60 on a tire and arrive 3o min late to work on the first day of "peak week". Weak sauce...but the bright side..I got a new tire!

Today I had scheduled two so called job interviews... and both of them were really bussiness oppurtunities requiring an investment. Made me want to scream, slap people and make a scene. Even if I was looking for a great educational investment to begin a new career, I wouldn't do it with these people because they were decievers! I don't believe anything they said! Lying sacks of... recruiters. I was most dissapointed because I had actually paid a babysitter to watch my kids during this time. She (the baby-sitter) was great! Loved my kids and my kids loved her. Good stuff!

Anyway. Stay far away from MASONRY CONNECTION and anyone selling pre-paid funeral services.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Chris - I have had some of the same experiences answering jobs in the paper. They want you to buy into their company to get a job, and that is a rip off!

I know the Lord will bless you when the time is right. He does have the very best job for you, so remain patient and stay strong in your search for the job He has for you.

Pastor Paul, your friend in Jesus

Carla said...

Mixed blessings this week. Good luck on the job front, I know exactly how it feels.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

Great to hear from you the other night. You sounded so upbeat, and that was a blessing. I know, that I know that the Lord is going to greatly bless Cold Water Fellowship. You just need to hold on while you are tested and tried, than the blessings will come forth.

I've been there, and done that. The only problem is, I've quit during the trials, and never been around to see the blessings that God had for me.

You and your lovely family are always in our prayers, as we continue to keep a supernatural hedge of protection and a supernatural fortress of "might, power, and strength" around your marriage, finances, health, marriage, and Spiritual growth.

You will always be my brother in the Lord. Have a Merry Christmas, and a prosperious 2009.

Pastor Paul & Shelly