Sunday, April 20, 2008

Monumental Changes

On Monday I took my kids to the Phoenix Zoo. On Tuesday I went to the MVD of the AZ DOT (motor vehicle division of the Arizona Department of Transportation). I had two vans inspected and took one to the Emissions Inspection Station. On Wednesday I went back to the Emissions Inspection Station with the other van and then went back to the MVD before going to a seperate CDL MVD office where I instantly recieved my new AZ drivers liscence. Friday I took the family to Chase Stadium to watch the D-backs spank the Padres.

New Zoo. New liscense Plates. New Drivers Liscense. New Ballpark.
All of a sudden it hit me. I'm not in Kansas anymore. In fact I'm not in California anymore. My entire life is different. I am still processing through some monumental changes. My family's life will never ever be the same. There is no turning back. Exciting times, exciting times in deed.

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