Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Somethings are just backwards. Notice how people end of raising a family of two or three in a cramped apartment but later when they are "empty nesters" they can afford the dream house with much more space than two people would ever need? I think church conferences are similair.

What a great idea to have International conferences where pastors from around the globe can come together and encourage one another... unless you are pastoring a baby church, a struggling church, or are bivocational. The costs neccesitating said conferences and neccesary time investments often exclude those who may have benefited most. Such was the case for me not being able to attend my own "fellowship" 's conference this year.

I was so excited to see that this year they were offering webcasting! In fact, if you go here. it appears they still are. I rearranged my entire calender, proccesed the paypal payment, and invited our church plant leadership to spend three days at my house enjoying the conference. When I logged on to see the first main session, I was unable to connect to the server. I spent the next hour changing settings on my machine, updating media player, trying different computers and became very frustrated with the lack of support for this "ground breaking" endeaver into technology. Rest assured, there was never any mention of minimums needed or any instructions posted or sent to me, only several reassurances that if there were technical difficulties you would be able to view it at a later time. I then spent multiple emails hoping someone would reply. This morning I tried again... and then I noticed this message in my inbox...

Sorry, You were the only one that signed up. We need 20 to cover the costs. I can refund you or send you a set of DVD's for $30 more. The regular price for the DVD's is $99. Please advise. Thank you. Blessings

I am so frustrated. I am so frustrated. This sucks at multiple levels.

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