Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Books and Toddlers

My oldest, the boy, is brillant. Recently he pulled the game cube out of a mess of video game accesories. He then went on to find the correct power cord, the correct AV cables, and also the correct controllers. Amazing, knowing that a psone, xbox, vsmile, and who knows what else were all sharing the same box. He then plugs everything in correctly and starts playing Namco Classics. Not bad for a five year old. I'm actually a very proud ex-gaming dad, just a little bit concerned that the game he most often chooses is "Primal Rage" For those of you who missed the 90's fighting game craze this one pits evolutionary dinosaurs and other creatures against each other with really cool neon "blood" flying everywhere. I know, I'm pretty much ruining my son, right? Well I try to balance this with a healthy love for books too. So myself and the oldest two were reading "Gigi, the Princess" when the boy says, "Hold on Dad, Pause it" and goes to check on something. That's right...pause the book. Priceless.

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