Saturday, September 8, 2007

It's Not ACTUALLY our Anniversary...

Until September 23rd. Since I'm preaching that night and taking students to Six Flags the day before, we celebrated this weekend. Just me, the wife, the Ashe Cabin, and no kids. No Blogging. No Internet. No movies. NoTV. It was fantastic. I beat my high score for Dig Dug on my wifes phone... twice. I finally finished Freedom of Simplicity by Foster and also Things You Should Know by Now by Jason Boyett.

Spent lots of time with the wife. Drank lots of coffee. Ate half a gallon of Ice Cream, and slept often.

I also had time to re-evaluate some goals I made at the begining of the year.

Here are the dissapointments....
It's after Labor Day and I weigh more than 250 lbs. I have not taken the classes I planned to and I have not been disciplined in my good eating habits or my walking. I have yet to make it to a local youth pastors gathering this year. I'm half way to my bro's 08 b-day and I am not half way done with my Bible reading. My debt is just as overwhelming as it was before and I still wish I made more time for the wife and kids. While blogging quite a bit, I have not submitted any articles or manuscripts to anybody.

Here's the good news...
I have made huge steps in the way I value relationships. I feel like things are good with the wife and each of my kids. While I haven't attended too many meetings, I have stayed fairly connected by email, phone, and blogging to several friends, local youth pastors, guys in my fellowship, and also emerging circles. I made three book club meetings and am looking forward to what's next for that unique group. I feel like I have been being mentored and am also mentoring others. I go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. I have a more regular schedule that usually involves breakfast. I've read a ton of books this year. I am managing my time better, and I am in the process of implementing some good changes in our youth ministry. It has been a struggle, but I have been intentional in keeping student ministry the prioity in what I do for the church. I have taken some fairly significant steps towards one day planting a church. I feel like my bro is more healthy and more at peace than he was at the begining of this year, and I feel like I had a part in this.

I want to value PEOPLE not programs or policy. I want to value RELATIONSHIPS not rules and regiment. This has been a healthy good change in my life. This has been difficult and time consuming. This goes against what I used to be, and goes against the functional practicality of the culture I live in. There were events that I could not have planned for that impacted my health, time commitments, financial commitments, and ability to meet all of these goals. I am still a largely undisciplined, weak, imperfect person who becomes overwhelmed easily and often finds accomplishment in doing the least effort required. I am still a part of a local church that schedules so much ministry and outreach that sometimes I feel like there is little time left for any real ministry or outreach. My goals were good goals. I will continue to work towards them.

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prodigal pastor notes said...

Your blogs touch me, and this was one of those times.

Excited to hear that you two could get away for "quality time." You deserve this and much more. You work so much and have so little time left over for the family, but, I know God will bless your family for this sacrifice.
You are a true brother, and I pray only for the best God has to offer you in the end.

Pastor Paul