Monday, September 17, 2007

Defense of Marriage

I have been trying to stay out of this discussion. But the recent news of more Word Faith Televangelist marital woes continues to make me sick. The article linked above also has a list of some fairly popular ministers who have walked through divorce. While I definetly grew up in the more conservative circles with folks blindly quoting the prophet Malachi; "God hates divorce." I don't believe divorce should eternally disqualify ministers. In fact some of my favorite pastors have this tragedy in their past and it is just a part of their redemptive story.

It does bother me immensely though that the political actions of many christians against homosexual marriage (which I think I am also against). Have been labeled as "Pro-marriage" or "Pro-family", often by people who have been divorced and remarried several times. It seems to me that marriage as a sacred God-ordained instituition has long been abaonded not just by our culture, but in many ways by the church. I understand we are all broken and in desperate need of God's redemptive grace but why does the church more easily extend that grace to adulters, fornicators, and liars and not to homosexuals?

How can folks in good concience stand with their Pastor, after he kicks and punches his wife, and then openly condemn gay unions, and call it "defense of marriage"?

Wierd! The wife and I celebrate seven years this week. I want you to know that I am a selfish, imperfect person, and so is she... although less than I am, I think I married up. It is only by God's grace and alot of hard work that we are still married. But I'm glad. I love her. She's the best. And it's because of her, and the last seven years, that I believe this God ordained instituition is still worth defending. Maybe we will be part of a change where "Pro Family" means something different than "anti- homosexual", because as far as I'm concerned, this family is forever, and I am so thankful for it.


Werner said...

ouch. pro-family

sounds like one of those terms people use in 1984 or V for Vendetta

great post man

MIKE said...

Well said brother! I have been checking out your blog for a while--you have some great stuff here!
Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!