Sunday, September 16, 2007

Three Cities I can't stop thinking about.

The Twin Cities... Is this one city or two? I don't know if there is a prophetic lamp post here or what, they just keep coming up. I got a letter from Bethel Christian Fellowship that I opened today, saw this story today, and am being sent by my church to a Fellowship gathering there in October. This is just the wierd connections that came up this week. The twin cities have been on my mind since March.

Avondale, AZ. So my church planting mentor drove through there twice this week. Said we has thinking about me. Said it seemed like the perfect place for a new church. What do folks think about "Grace Christain Fellowship"? I know it doesn't have the word church in it, but it might fit nicely in Avondale.


prodigal pastor notes said...

How about: Healing Grace Fellowship of Avondale, AZ?

Elizabeth said...


I think it's perfect. No valleys, churches, or other craziness.

Topherspoon said...

I don't know if anyone clicked the "story" link above and got the "viva viagra" commercial, but I'm sorry. The story is about stopping human trafficing and Soloman's Porch is one of the churches getting involved, that is the twin city connection. This is actually the wrong link but I will leave it because that song is hillarious. I just accidently played it for all the volunteers in the office to hear. Luckily they are all laughing.