Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's in a Name?

Topherspoon has been in a funk. The lack of comments on TTSM suggest Topherspoon's readers may be in a funk too. Topherspoon is trying to answer alot of hard questions, many only he can answer. Topherspoon is starting some hypothetical research about churches. Topherspoon would love to hear your input.

For my entire life I have attended churches that have "Assembly" in their name. If you were to name a church what would you name it? An "Assembly", a "Fellowship", or simply a "Church"? Would you be a "Center"? Would you include regional distinctives? denominational distinctives? How bout biblical or historical references? Would you use the word "Christian"? Or be something abstract like a bridge, a grove, a river, a porch, or a shoe?

How important is nomenclature to the unchurched, unreached?


Elizabeth said...

Personally, I like something with "Church" in it. But please, nothing about valleys or rivers. There are way too many of those.

Topherspoon said...

I actually like "church" also. (How can you be against valleys when you live in the "west valley"?) I think "church" best communicates what's going on to someone who has not been so culturized like we have been.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love valleys. But a quick google search of churches in Phoenix reveals Valley Presbyterian Church, Valley Bible Church, New Valley Church, Phoenix Valley Church of Christ, Paradise Valley Community Church, Northwest Valley Baptist Church, Desert Valley Church of God, and Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church. And that's just page one of Dr. Google.

Topherspoon said...

We have a Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church here too. Our Church actually left valley out of it's name but people always unintentionally add it. Weird.

JDF said...

I would go with something Redemptive in focus. Like.... Redemption or Grace... Affiliation is important but secondary in my opinion in choosing a name.

Topherspoon said...

I really like both Redeemer and Grace. Does it sound Presybeterian?

I was thinking "West Valley Grace Fellowship Church of the Redeemer"
It could be WVGFCR for short.