Thursday, August 9, 2007

Doing what I love

Just in case I start getting concerned calls from my previous post... The "Holy Sweat" Trip was fantastic. The students did wonderful. We touched the lives of about 40 unique children over four nights and helped families connect with a wonderful church, South Bay Christian Fellowship. We passed out nearly 1,000 fliers in a community with a population of about 14,000. I saw first hand some of the challenges of ministering in a small coastal community but only 14,000? It gives some hope to the "Let's see the whole city saved" kind of vision casting. It was very refreshing though to hear Pastor Dan's heart and know that this body is all about building big people, not neccesarily a big church. I got to lead and watch six high school students introduce Jesus to little kids and be divine encouragement to an 86 year old lady. I saw these six diverse and unique individuals become a team and begin actually being the church. We shared many meals together, got to hang with sea otters in the bay, prayed together under a pygmy oak tree, and saw some crazy things from the windows of a '75 Crown bus. This is discipleship how I like it.

My wife is my hero! Again and Again and Again. When I feel like I'm getting old, maybe burnt out, and grumpy she is always there, hearing His voice, being an advocate for students, and seeing the need in ways that I either can't or just don't. Oh yeah, my kids are the best! And that is why I hauled three goldfish (prizes from the kids extravaganza) 300 miles in plastic bags they were in for 30 hours. I can't believe they are still alive! But they are. They are eating beta food in a bowl on my kitchen counter.

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