Sunday, July 22, 2007

Post Camp Sabbath...


This is my bed from camp. This is the dummy I made to scare the crap out of the "clean dorm" judges. See the resemblance?

Oh yeah, it did scare the judges.

Slept till almost 9AM today. Spent the morning chillin' at home catching up with the blog world. Cut my grass and raked my dirt. Hauled away a truckload of trash. Had Del Taco in the park with the wife, my three kids, one more, and uncle Danny. Played on the tunnels, slides, and poles at the playground. Checked out uncle Danny's new place, (a little bit of a fixer upper but has a trampoline, three bar bq's, a fire pit and several good spots for a dart board). It's on a huge lot and he actually has plans for a go kart track. Stopped at Rite Aid for some scoop ice cream before going to my least favorite place on the planet (Wal Mart). Got Superman Ice Cream all over three kids (the baby was asleep). Came home and had a good phone conversation with one Mr. G (To anyone else who was worried about me after reading this post, I'm doing fine) and had spagetthi dinner at the table as a family. Gave kids bathes in the sink and then spent some time at church putting away some camp leftovers and sorting through some photos for a slideshow in tomorrow morning's services. It's been nice to catch my breath today, but this week will be crazy.

Besides further camp and missions trip planning, a summer nights fellowship, Tuesday's Beach and Bibles outing, Thursday's missions team meeting, and all my normal stuff, I have to figure out why my van pukes when going up hill. It's like the mountain road makes it car sick...Get it?... CAR... Sick? It's a car. Never Mind. Looking forward to spending Monday morning at the dealer and the rest of the day vanless...NOT! Happy Lord's Day. Good Night!

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