Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random Links

My friend Dan is home, with a beautiful baby girl! Visit RevRock and congratulate him.

Mark Driscoll's been blogging about burn out...
I am so thankful my wife.
I want to share this with my s.p. Mark speaks to the "oneafta's" (when all youth pastor's get to preach) with out actually using my phrasing.

I had a blast this week with Mike Esposito.
He rocked some students' worlds at camp (in a good way) as our guest speaker. He went off on a little tangent about "slow obedience" being the same as disobedience. (Kind of like in NOOMA #7 when Rob says "If he's hitting you... get out"). The statement was meaningful but seemed disconnected from the rest of the message. Regardless, it has been haunting my thoughts.

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rev rock said...

Thanks for the love! It's good to be home. Can't wait for you to see Sofia!