Monday, June 11, 2007

We heaped a bunch of rocks!

There's this passage in the Hebrew scriptures. God's chosen people are being pursued by an enemy and the Jordan river flows between them and freedom. According to the scriptures, the river drives up just as the priest carrying the ark of the covenant set foot in the water and then God's people walk across on dry land. Once everyone crossed, God tells His people to make a heap of rocks, 12 to be specific. The rocks were to be a monument, a reminder of what God had done. The rocks were an inspiration for future generations.

Yesterday the church where I serve celebrated it's 20th anniversary. This is the church I grew up in. I was there in the early years, for 10 years before leaving to help at a church plant. We've been back for five years already. All that to say, this 20 year history largely connects to my own history, story, and testimony. Through all the challenges and frustrations, it has been a wonderful ride and I am so thankful for the foundation that has been built in my life. It is a joy to serve where I grew up, and to be a part of an exciting future full of wonderful changes, new births, and I'm sure, more challenges and frustrations.
It was a blast to show my kids the pictures of when their Daddy was ten and building a church, or having class in a bus, or eating outside at our camp (that now has a beautiful indoor dining hall). It was a joy to introduce them to old friends and to let them hear and share in the old stories. It was almost like they were asking... "Hey Dad, What's up with those rocks by the river?" I thoughly enjoyed the weekend celebration.

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prodigal pastor notes said...

Chris - your blogs "look" so good. I could use your assistance in getting mine to the point that it looks like yours, with all of the links, etc.

I would like to start with the header, where do I go for a neat header?

Lots of love, I usre hope to see you this week. Shelly and I decided, at the last minute, to pack up the dogs and head up north. We were gone all last week, and ended up spending a few days in Carmel and Monterey. The wharfs, and the history of our one time state capitol was interesting, and very relaxing.

Of course, our vacation meant we'd miss the 20th anniversary of MCA, and that was a hard decision, but, the trip was cheaper, as we got in on pre-summer rates for rooms.

See ya Sunday, if not before.