Monday, June 11, 2007


Today, I don't have to work...aaaaahhhhhh. Deep breaths. Very nice. Tonight should be interesting. I have been invited to one high school graduation, one graduation party, two birthday parties, a house show, and to go swing dancing. Need more info? I don't dance, that's an easy one to say no to. The parties are all at the same place, one party, celebrating three people. I will do a classic "greet and go" at the front end of the graduation, chill at the party for a while, and quite possibly catch the end of the show. 3 out of 4 wouldn't be bad. And most of these things count as rest, except for the graduation. For now... I'm going to read the latest edition of "Cutting Edge" and then I'm going to start N.T. Wright. AAAAAAHHHHH. Deep Breaths.

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prodigal pastor notes said...

You are always on the go my Brother. Even on your day off. I admire your devotion to the ministry you've been called to. I know you will be a super pastor when that door opens.

Until that day....chill!!!!!!!

Love Ya,