Monday, June 11, 2007


I never made it to Cobalt Season tonight. Instead, in all my craziness, I got one of the best paychecks ever. Not monetary, but different. I recieved an engraved plaque that is a replica of one of my student's diploma. The student said I was just as much responsible for him graduating as anyone else and he ordered it special so I would think of him. He said I should put it somewhere I'll see it often so that during those times when I want to quit, or feel like what I'm doing is in vain, I'll know that I'm making a difference. There was not a dry eye at the whole party. I was a little bit blown away that so much attention was given to me at his graduation party. He didn't say anything about super cool programs or my awesome gotee or thought provoking sermons. He said I listened, made time for him, and believed in him.

For all my youth pastor buddies I hope this is an in-your-face reminder like it was for me. He said I listened, made time for him, and believed in him. It was an awesome moment for me... way better paycheck than any I could spend. I am humbled by the whole thing... and a little bit bummed I missed Cobalt Season.


prodigal pastor notes said...

Congrats Pastor "C" deserved the recognition. You are a fantastic person when it comes to the kids. We can see their love for you when you preach. It seems as though all the kids sit up front, and that there are more kids than adults. That is always a great sign.

Pastor Paul

Topherspoon said...

Yeah, I pay them to do that.