Saturday, May 26, 2007

Today was Awesome...

Started the day by cleaning dog poop off the floor of the playroom. I'm not sure why she's doing that.

Spent most of the morning and early afternoon watching four kids so my wife could have a mini sabbath. Yes... FOUR. My three + one. Made waffles for breakfast, used the sandwich maker for lunch, aand was going to use the foreman grill for dinner but it didn't work out. I love white cooking appliances that fold in half!

Reached level 8 on Alchemy.

Got a letter from Citistreet saying they now know where I live.
(This is good)

Gave the dog a bath...with 4 kids helping.

Kept the washing machine and drier going all day.

Went to visit Pastor Paul while we was pimpimg his book.

Picked up a Peavey Mach VIII mixing console from local audio repair man Ralph.

Hugged my wonderful brother.

Watched "Mephis in May" on the Food Network. (SEE PHOTO)

Visited with my mom.

Laughed and had a great conversation
on the phone with an old friend.

Did some last minute stuff for church tomorrow.

I'm curling up to watch 24 with my beautiful wife of almost 7 years.

Man. I am blessed. (Did I tell you I reached level 8 on Alchemy?)


prodigal pastor notes said...

pimping" my book, I'd be terrible at pimping the women of the night.


Marianne said...