Thursday, May 24, 2007

H E L P !

OK, generally It bugs me when churches expect things to be cheap or free because they are a church. However, because of a series of unfortunate events I am in a bit of a pickle and need some help. On June 2nd I am taking a group of juniors and seniors ( 16 of us altogether) to the Queen Mary for our annual Night of Elegance. Because our numbers are up (this is good) and because of a miscue with the folks at Tibby's Dinner Theatre (this was bad). I am over budget on our dinner plans and have not yet arranged for our transportation. Our church owns a 1977 Crown school bus. It is a wonderful tool for ministry. It is not what the students are expecting sense I told them we would be "riding in style". So, here is the blog o plea for help... Does anyone have the hook-ups with a limo service that is not yet booked that night and may be looking for a tax right off? Does anyone know where I can rent a limo, shuttle, or charter bus at a discounted price? Does anyone, (or maybe your church) own a nice van/ excursburban / or explorekee we could borrow or rent cheap for the night? I can offer donation receipts, use of a 1977 Crown bus, humble monetary compensation and eternal gratitude if anyone has a great idea. It is not essential for us to ride together but It would be cool. Any ideas out there?

Yes this is a "prom alternative". It makes me wonder why some people feel an alternative is necessary. It also makes me cringe a little when the students SPEND so much on the evening. However, it is a wonderful tradition... A night for Leah and I to share with our upper classmen and really honor them and even encourage them... A very "elegant" night where no one is pressured to get drunk or get laid... A night of lifetime memories that I think is way more fun than waiting in line to take pictures, listening to music you don't like, and watching other people dance. I am not anti-prom! But I do like what we do on "N.O.E."

Anybody want to help? Leave a comment here or email me from my profile. Thanks!

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