Sunday, May 20, 2007

Flawed Theological Quiz...Who is this guy?

I've taken the theology quiz twice now. It's amazing to me that just days after my post it ends up as a slice on Relevant. Because I disagreed with my own results, and because it pegged jdf perfectly, I did some research on the author. Here's how he describes himself...

Theologically, I have a background in happy-clappy charismatic circles though last year after lots of reflection I realised that that particular stream of Christianity wasn't for me, and I now attend a wonderful pomo-evangelical church in Longsight, Manchester. I don't have much time for rampaging fundamentalists, hyper-Calvinists, or people who have never bothered to think their faith through in any way. My favourite theologians are Karl Barth, J├╝rgen Moltmann, and Jose Comblin, and on the biblical side I'm a big fan of N T Wright, James Dunn, Richard Bauckham, and Richard Hays. I think Roman Catholics are still Christians, that the Emergents are not pure evil, and that the scriptures still have a lot to teach us. His name is Steve.

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