Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I hate to be such a metaphorical guy that no one ever understands what I'm saying. But Jesus was metaphorical, and most people didn't understand Him, so I guess I'm in good company. I read this story a little over a year ago, and yes, that is my comment at the bottom. It should say, A man just called and said the shovels HE was going to deliever are not coming...

Over a year later, the man has called back. The shovels are already there. There are more on the way. I now know where to dig. Who cares that the fence is falling? I have some digging to do.


JDF said...

So what exactly do the fence and the well represent in this metaphor? I need ears to hear and eyes to see.


Werner said...

Hey so
I guess you should thank the jerk who poisoned all of our dogs.

God knows just what is needed to get the sheep the shovels that they need.

The story touched me bro. It is understood and appreciated.


Hey JDF.... focus on Topher's comments for understanding, rather than the story

JDF said...

Now I'm really confused Werner? I do not at all understand the cloaked poisoned dogs reference.

Do sheep shovel or do Shepherds shovel? And if Shepherds don't mend fences doesn't that endanger the sheep from the wolves (or jerks that would poison the well)?


Werner said...


I just figured out that you are Joel.

Ok, the reason you dont get my reference was because you do not have the insider knowledge that topher and I do.

First the point of what i was saying about the dogs:

(Henry Nowen said this much more clearly)

Basically God uses the wounds and hurts in life to love on me and through that, to love on others.

Literal meaning --
I had a dog business in which i took care of dogs for money. We hadd 5 at my house at one time, my wife got home and they were dieing. Poisoned

Someone poisoned our dogs through the backyard with snailbait.

2 comas and a weeks worth of vet hospital stays the business shut down for fear of the dog poisoning person.

Through that event, God has provided me a new way of life, a change from one occupation to another entirely.

In my interpretation of the story, that second occupation has turned out to be a great expression of God's Love to me and consequently My love for my neighbors.

There you go