Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Closing Time

So in my heart of heart I felt like speaking at youth camp was a book-end for a difficult season of ministry. We came home from camp only to be waiting still for some of the financial provision that we are planning on... but evidently still waiting for.

On Saturday my phone charger broke and and so did my car alternator. I understand these are minor inconveniences but seriously? Not really the evidence of the new season I was hoping for.

I was hopeful that Sunday at church would be a kind of homecoming with lots of excitement and record attendance. It was just another hot Phoenix Sunday with a lot of people missing and it's own unique struggles. Again, this is something I'm used to but it's not really indicative of a new season of harvest and fruitfulness.

I spent the entirety of Monday morning with Isaac at the dentist. He had a couple of fillings, a tooth extraction, and several crowns... Oh and lots of drugs to try to minimize the kicking and screaming. They had more work to do on the top but I stopped them when the bill hit $2,000. Welcome new season of monthly installments! It fills like another car payment... if only I could drive my son's baby teeth to work. CASH for CLUNKERS?

Today is meet the teachers night and it's also Leah's first day back at school. Today I got to take gum out of Olivia's hair and tomorrow both the girls get shots. Why does being a good parent involve so many opportunities to make your children scream?

Leah and I remain excited about what's ahead. I hope this real and a bit self pitying post doesn't cause folks to be concerned. I'm just realizing that there is still quite a bit of finishing to do in this new season.

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Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you and your loving family. I know the trials are coming at you from out-of-nowhere. But, this a clear sign from God to enter a season of prayer.

Know this, for it is the truth....when the attacks come against you, it is a sign that the devil knows God is about to bless your socks off.

Just don't forget to wear socks whereever you go.

So, in Jesus name we beseech thee O Lord to make the hedge of prayerful protection stronger than ever before. Make this hedge stronger with each attack to protect and help our brother and sister to be victorious when it comes to the financial warfare.

Pastor Paul