Thursday, July 30, 2009

Relational Ministry

Anyone following this blog knows I have been in anticipation of the next season. I've spent this past week at Camp SA HA LE in Big Bear Lake, CA speaking at a regional youth camp. It's been awesome. Exhausting, but awesome. 11 speaking opportunities. 10 of them unique messages. 70 some campers from four churches in two different states. It was a good week for campers. It was a good week for me. Tuesday afternoon I received the call from (a not to be named ministry) that we've been waiting for. We will interview next week to be the ministry team at our first choice property. I'm a bit in awe of God's timing and purpose. Long story short...we may be moving as early as September one. Relational ministry, new opportunities, significant monthly savings... here we come!

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Nick Love said...

what an exciting time!