Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So What...I'm Cheap.

New Season. New Schedule.

With Leah going back to school I am once again readjusting my sleep schedule. I'm now trying to go to bed early enough to wake up for work and then be able to stay home with the girls with out a nap. Should be easier after the rest of the world has time change but Arizona doesn't.
(I never thought about it before, but working at the airport in a time sensitive bussiness where planes come and go to and from places that have now "fallen back" an hour, means I will be getting an extra hour of sleep!).

Leah going back to school means I have been playing taxi driver and Mr. Mom. I've been trying to find fun stuff to do with the girls while Isaac is at school. Today, we had lunch at Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon. This place has great lunch specials and on Tuesdays kids eat for free. Our lunch was $7.99 + tax and tip for all three of us to have a nice sit down lunch together ( I honestly don't think we could have done Mickey D's for that, although there is no "play place" at Lone Star ). The girls both ordered hot dogs although they could have had steak medallions...toddlers. I had a "bubba" chicken sandwich which was awesome. I may have found my Tuesday spot.

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