Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Golden Corral

When California raised its minimum wage, Golden Corral shut their doors and left. They are however still alive and well in the AZ (where it is still legal to have service employees work for as little as $3.90 an hour)

This is what I had for lunch today... minus the rice. Never eat the rice at a buffet, or the potatoes, or that yummy mac and cheese. They are trying to fill you up with the carbs. Focus on the meat. The value is in the meat. (I realize the last two sentences are probably terribly offensive to my vegetarian friends and want to make an aside that there is probably exceptional value in the plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables.)Today was payday so it seemed reasonable to further my kids eat free research. If you were to call the Golden Corral in my neighborhood you would not be able to talk to a real person, no matter what number you pressed. You would however get recorded information in spanish or english. You would not be able to get the answer to important buffet questions like "Is your drink included?" (btw: it's not) and the information you did get would not be reliable.

In my case, the phone message said kids costs 5o cents for each year of their age. Should have been $4.50 for a five yr old and a four yr old. Under four is free, with an adult buffet purchase. I show up in the store and kids ages 4-8 cost $3.69. Not bad, but not what was advertised.

Oh well. The kids liked it... and the Bourbon Chicken was great. Besides, hanging out with the midweek lunch time buffet crowd made me feel very good about my "not as full as most of theirs" figure. Hooray for soft serve and yeast rolls.

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Carla Rant said...

You're so funny! You don't have to continually apologize to vegetarians for what you say--at least not to Shaun and myself. ;)