Friday, August 8, 2008

Wierd days

Not too much posting lately. I did finally take the facebook plunge so if you want to be my friend that's cool. I do try to update the status often. I recently discovered wordle which I think is the coolest thing since sliced english muffins. The one posted below (the lowest one) was generated from the ttsm feed. The one immediately below I created intentionally. We also made name posters for all three kids. It's an awesome application. Be warned... go on the homepage and several of the recent post are by people who wondered if you could use vulgarity. The answer is yes. (I know some of you were just presuaded to go check it out). It's interesting that the promient words in the blog one are "life" and "evangelism". Two things I value and want to be about. Try putting your blog feed in and see what happens, I'd love to see the results, (and I may have already but posting with out your consent didn't seem right).

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