Monday, July 28, 2008

Church Update

Sunday was an interesting day. At 10:00AM when church is supposed to be begining, it was me and the set-up dude. We were set up, but no snacks, no worship team, my family wasn't even there. We started to wonder what day it was...maybe we'd been left behind? Eventually everyone showed up and we had our latest start ever. More new folks showed up even later. By the end of the service we had 27 there and I was the only white dude in the bunch. This ride is crazy and nuts and wild and great.

Left church to drive campers to CA. Also crazy and nuts and wild and great.


Anonymous said...

That is a newby preachers worst "nightmare" while you're awake to enjoy the fear and doubt. That happened a lot to us too, so I understand. I can promise you this, it's the devil, and he is having a lot of fun with you head, heart, and faith.

Just rebuke that jerk from hell, and go in faith.

Pastor Paul

Topherspoon said...

Yay, same thing happened this week... I realized the clock is 15 min fast. OUCH!