Monday, June 9, 2008

Stage 4

I feel like I'm trying to figure out who I am again. I've lived in four states... Missouri (2 years), Kansas (8 years), California (21 years), and now Arizona (3 months).

I only ever had one real girlfriend. We were single, then dating, then married, now married with children. I know I'm building this theme of fours, but I feel like were at this next step where we are done making babies, it's different.

I was a volunteer youth pastor, part time paid youth pastor, full time paid associate/ youth pastor (that really was my official title. Is there a slash in your title?) And now full time but only paid part time church planter.

I worked at El Pollo Loco, for a chiropractor, for UPS, for the church, and now for UPS again.

I graduated from High school, Community College, Bible College, and am now looking at a promo pack from Phoenix Seminary wondering why someday couldn't be tomorrow. Time and Money.

When I first started driving I shared a Daihatsu Charade with my pops. The first car I ever called mine was a 1989 Mitsubishi truck (which I also shared with pops for awhile) I inherited Grandpa's slightly older Toyota truck, and then bought my Dad's Ford Ranger (we have shared alot of cars). My wife drove a KIA and when that and the truck both gave up, we bought our van... The 2002 Ford Windstar, complete with monthly payments and most recently, a broken transmission.

I catch myself remembering the way things used to be. I find myself just wanting to get away with a book. I occasionly doubt. I try not to let fear run my life. I am hopeful for tomorrow.

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