Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Personal Messages, Quiet Time, and Working for Brown

Recently several people have left personal messages in the comments feature here. This does not bother me nor is it offensive. However, once I receive the message I will delete the comment, just so everyone doesn't have to read our correspondence. Discussion I deem helpful or interesting to others of course will stay.

More and more I have become impacted and convicted about hanging out with Jesus. Today I have hit the reset button and started fresh on a Bible reading plan. Do you do this? I'm not looking to set up some legalistic expectations for others. I would like to know though... How do you interact with the Bible?

I went once again on a "you really don't want this job", "this job sucks" tour at UPS. I have a real interview tonight at 6:00PM. I'm going to pursue this until, unless some other form of provision is made available. Please, you praying types, join me in seeking God's will on this one.

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