Sunday, November 11, 2007


I should probably stop doing this because I pretty much suck at keeping a sabbath. Here's to a little bit of virtual accountability. Had four kids to the ball park before 8:00AM. The boy played his last game. Season batting average... .000. Never even stepped into the box. It's cool he's four. Today a line drive nearly took his head off but he told me it was cool. Left the boy and the wife to watch a buddies game, and I took the girls to the bank, which doesn't open till 10. We strolled around Stater Bro's Market until someone was available to take my money and then went back to the ball park. Picked up wife and son and watched almost a half hour of flag football before heading to Shakeys for the team party. Four toddlers at a Pizza place, lost in the "fun zone", politely asking for more tokens... "daddy!". Ran into a ministry mentor/ buddy and was able to catch up a little. The boy was honored (he got pizza, pepsi, a pin and a punchball...WOOHOO!). I thanked the talented, patient, and extremely gracious coaches for a great season, before we headed out. We just got one of these in our town and the wife wanted to check it out for upcoming B-Days or Youth ministry stuff. The place is like Chuck E Cheese on Steroids. Came home. Snuck over to church and did some work (I told you I suck). Came home and took a nap (counts as rest right?). Was able to go to a high school play, just me and my wife, where we ran into a bunch of our students. Picked up the kiddos (Thanks Mom!) Did a little more work and am now writing this grammatically messy confessional Sabbath Post.

Honestly, I'm having a hard time seperating work, ministry, personal time, family, etc because it all seems so connected. I desire for all these areas to be integrated. I desire to be healthy, to feel whole, and to know peace. I'm just not there yet.

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