Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fasting... from TTSM

No posts for a while. You see we had a week long prayer focus at our church. Yes this meant 14 additional mandatory meetings for the staff, but who can argue against prayer? We were encouraged to consider fasting sometime during the week, and I just don't do that good with food. Don't laugh. I know I'm a big guy but its not like I have some sick food addiction. I'm just not that disciplined. I was going to fast monday but someone brought mary jane to the prayer meeting. You know the little peanut butter candies? I ate two. Then I was like "oh sh*t" I'm supposed to be fasting. And then I was like "oh sh*t, I can't believe I just cussed about not fasting". And then before I fell further into sin I just had to laugh about someone bringing a candy called "mary jane" to prayer meeting. So you see I'm not too good at that kind of fasting. So I fasted from TTSM. Instead of blogging my hopes and frustrations... I took them straight to the Creator of the Universe. It was a pretty remarkable week. God continues to confirm his unwavering love for my family. He continues to confirm His call on my life to do seemingly impossible things in the name of His kingdom. And continues to grow, bless, and complicate the wonderful tribe of people that influence me and allow me to influence them.

There's only seven days till my life as a young person is pretty much over. Only seven days till TTSM gets it's next profile change. It's amazing to me how fast shift happens. Most of the "River City Crew" no longer lives in Riverside. Half of the info on my blogger profile is about to become outdated. Wierd. Wild. Amazing. Topherspoon is celebrating by preaching two services next Sunday morning. Probably the last sunday morning preaching oppurtunity before the big DEC 30 announcement. That's right, the cat is coming out of the bag one week earlier than originally planned. Watch for a non public announcement on this private blog ( ironic actually ) a few days earlier. All TTSM readers are welcome to come hear me throw down some birthday smack. Traditional Service is at 9:00AM. The Contemporary is at 11:00AM. I'm not sure what the real difference is. I have the same joys and frustrations at both of them, only at the first one I wear a tie. That night the students will be leading worship in the grown up service. It should be exhausting and wonderful at the same time.

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Elizabeth said...

We will be there! Probably 11am. Better make it good. No pressure or anything....