Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why did we do that?

This has got to be the worst question a boss could ever ask! First, if you are "we" and you don't already know the answer, then you are not really "we" and this is only a less rude sounding way of asking "Why did YOU do that?". I've decided there are only three possible answers to this question...

1. There is a very good, (or at least accpetable reason) "we" did that.

2. I don't care.

3. I'm insuburdinate.

Reccomendation to all bosses; If you really think #2 or #3 are true, don't beat around the bush, cut to the chase and let's get this resolved. If you think it's #1 and there is a disagreement about what is good or acceptable, maybe the better question is; "What could WE do so this happens differently next time?" or maybe "Is there anything I could do, to help YOU do this better?" These questions might be helpful, the first one is not.

Still working through some stuff. Hoping for more positive change. Thankful that Yo is at home. Looking forward to small groups and a vacation. PEACE.

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