Monday, August 27, 2007

Catching Up with Family... What do you love about your church?

Hung out with the old Spoons on Friday. Caught up with bro-in-law J.P. and his girlfriend on Saturday. Had an intervention meeting with cousin Matt on Sunday. Wonder who I'll see today.

So in my recent series of questions about church, there have been alot of "things that shouldn't matter but do" (like including the word valley in your church name). Today's question is more meaningful and positive. What do you love about your church? Is it the pastor's speaking? the really cool name? the correct doctrinal statement? the events? your small group? the coffee shop in the foyer? the kids program? the friendly parking attendants? Besides "feeling called" and "being committed", what keeps you where you are?

I apologize to those who don't currently have a "home church" or who are pursuing fellowship in less traditional means. I would be interested in your thoughts as well. What do you think folks desire as far as a community of faith?

Here is what I love about my church...
On Sunday Matt was dropped off at my church at 1:03PM ( I happened to glance at my phone). Church had been out for about a half hour and many people were lingering, visiting with each other, making lunch plans, etc. Matt and I got in the van and headed out to pick up some diapers and lunch. While we were at Super Target picking up diapers we ran into a family who are a part of our church. After normal chit chat, inviting their middle schooler to our September events and hearing about there soon to be born grand daughter we moved on to the infant/toddler section. After debating the cost difference between the 29 pack and the 44 pack, moving to the counter, paying and heading to the car, I was given a huge unsuspecting hug from Alberto, a boy in my son's class at church. I waved to his folks and exited the store. On our way to get lunch, I was sitting at a light across from a young couple in our church I had the priveledge of marrying. I waved to them and turned right. We went to the drive through at Del Taco to grab lunch which took a long time. Sitting in the drive through allowed some subsational time for Matt to really fill me in on some of the circumstances he is facing. Things were getting fairly intense when he says "Do you know those people, becuase I think they know you." I look over to see four young adults from our church making faces and waving from inside the restaurant. I did my best to introduce evryone through the window, got our food, and dropped diapers and lunch off at the house before taking Matt to my office.

At one point in our conversation, Matt says. "I just think life should be about relationships." I said "I agree, but the most important relationship is with our creator. In fact Christianity is supposed to be all about relationship." We talked about some of the foundational differences between Christianity and some other faiths. Finally Matt says, "I see that here." I asked what he meant and he says. "Ever since I got here, Everyone has been waving to you!"

Pray ( if you're the praying type) that Matt finds more helpful meaningful relationships. And feel free to leave your own thoughts. What do you love about your church?

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