Sunday, July 1, 2007

Yesterday was a Sabbath.

My friend Dan has been posting weekly updates of his Sabbath. I find them wildly interesting in a bizarre way. I'm hopeful that through the monotony he is finding rest, and I'm hopeful that the rest of us might find inspiration in his efforts. Here's is a slightly paraphrased and more polished copy of a comment I left on his blog...

Yesterday I got up and played some Karoke Revolution, (I like the songs with two many words. ie; "one week" and "it's the end of the world") read some blogs, and made lunch for myself and three kids (grilled cheese and tomato soup with whole grain fishy crackers). The in-laws dropped in for a visit and we played more karoke revolution (grandma got booed for her rendition of "girls just want to have fun"). We ended the day by going to watch some minor league baseball. The R.C. Quakes lost an 8 run lead to the I.E. 66ers. This keeps them rock solid at the bottom of their league. Win or lose, three kids, one "tia", the wife and I, + minor league baseball with figurine giveaways = a good ending to a great Sabbath.

What do you do to rest?

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