Friday, June 29, 2007

Breaking of Bread or Compartmentalized...continued.

I am encouraged (and slightly overwhelmed) by the diversity and depth of meaningful relationships God has allowed in my life right now. Last night the feast of thoughts continued. Leah and I had some long time friends and mentors to our house for a time of shared carne asada, shared hurts, and shared dreams.

Why does scripture speak so much to "breaking bread together"? The closest we came last night was breaking tortillas, but I'm always amazed at how food facilitates fellowship. In my efforts to get smaller I am really trying to move away from the idea that food=fun, but have you tried the new Dryers "Loaded" line of ice cream? It's really fun! I guess I need more friends that like to discuss theology at the gym. I wonder how much the disciples learned walking town to town with Jesus?

Today I'm wrestling with ideas like purpose, confession, integrity, mission, and friendship. I really just want to walk with Jesus. I'm so thankful that others are on the same journey. It may come with different labels (charismatic renewal, multiplication movement, or the emergent church) and even different demonstrations. But with in all these "movements", I see some common thoughts and goals working together across old borders and separations. Despite the ugly disagreements and accusations, there is this overwhelming desire to know Jesus, and to make Him known. This is genuine and authentic with the folks I hang out with, and I just feel like it's exactly what we need. I am hopeful for tomorrow.

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