Friday, June 22, 2007


This week I killed a gopher (with my kids watching), stole a vacum belt from Wal-Mart, and watched the movie "Flightplan". The movie is probably not worth your time, but when it was over, I thought, "all that for only $50,000". The bad guys do what they do (trying not to be a spoiler here) motivated by $50 Grand. It just seemed like not much money for all the planning, personal sacrifice, and killing of others.

I remember when I worked for Brown. Some of my co-workers got fired for eating cherries that fell out of a box. The premise was; "if they'd eat some one else's fruit, what would they do if a diamond ring fell out of a box?" Does anyone besides me think this is a poor premise?

This week I read the story of Rahab (from the book of Joshua in the Hebrew scriptures). She's the harlot that God spares for lying about the spies she hid. SPARED FOR LYING.

So glad there is grace in Jesus. So glad he looks at our hearts. So glad I'm not the judge.

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