Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Justice, Spirituality, Relationship, and Beauty

These are the four apologetics N. T. Wright points to in the first section of Simply Christian, which I just finished. I just finished the first section, not he whole book. I'm wonderfully pleased so far, and anxious to finish before Thursday night's book club. This first section has wome wonderful discussion on the ideas of truth and tension.

Wright suggest that "truth must relate to, and make sense of..." at least five things we all do.

1. We tell stories.

2. We act out rituals.

3. We create Beauty.

4. We work in communities.

5. We think out beliefs

On to section 2, but first I have to run the bus for our student gathering.

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rev rock said...

Section 2 gets even better and then the end will blow you away. Try to finish before you come on Thursday. You'll love it. Looking forward to it.