Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is God Green?

So I missed the broadcast. Today I came across this PBS transcript from Moyers on America. It speaks of the enviromental debate happening in evangelical circles right now.
I'll be honest. I grew up listening to Rush Limbaugh. To this day I don't recycle. I still sometimes shop at Wal Mart. And I buy Folgers coffee. I'm not sure I still have any readers at this point but I will continue.
I think the earth is getting warmer. I'm not sure if this is because of the earth's cyclical condition or because of mankind's carelessness. I netflixed Al Gore's video. I thought the scissor lift demonstration was impresive. I'm still not convinced. I do think we are using too many fossil fuels. But I want the price of gas to go down. I must admit, as much as I believe the Genesis phrase "dominion" translates better as a call to responsibility and not an excuse for abuse, I'm just not real passionate about the political cause. I probably should be, but I'm not. I don't understand how people can be against the cause though. I know there are some complexities when it comes to jobs, the economy, price of energy, etc. But seriously, Who's against planting trees and recyling? Why is it a bad thing for the NAE to address some issues outside of abortion and homosexuality? Why can't Jame Dobson get behind this... for my family's sake?

Your thoughts?

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