Monday, May 14, 2007

Check Out the Links

I'm officially hooked on this blogging thing. I'm gonna try to make things not so generic... in my free time. Today I added some links of folks I follow through the blogoshere. Some of these folks fall into more than one category. I did my best to not just have a typical list of links. Hopefully the creativity doesn't thwart the functionality. There are a handful of other folks in my reader, and a few who are still trying to figure out RSS, I might add them later. Enjoy the love and expand your horizons. Check them out.

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prodigal pastor notes said...

Greetings Chris,

I'm one of those folks who have not yet figured out what RSS is and how to use it. Please show tell me what you know so I can move into the light.

I;m still having trouble with the fundamentals of bloging, but, if you'd take a look at my most recent blogs And give me feedback, I'd appreciate it:


Pastor Paul